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The People Who Make Us Awesome


Our dedicated team members create magic in our studio every day. Read on to learn what they do.

Ralph Laemmche


Extremely competitive as both a gamer and a game developer. Lives and breathes online fantasy PvP for 20 years. Ralph is the game designer and producer of 9Lives Arena and a games industry Veteran since 1990.

Together with Cindy he is also the founder of Touchhour.

Cindy Gomez


Cindy first became famous for her singing voice on Prince of Persias "The Sands of Time". She is the backbone of Touchhour taking care of the administration but also highly creative and responsible for the composition of the ingame music and also does our PR.

Darry Chen

Lead Artist

Extremely talented and versatile, Darry works on all graphic related areas of the game. His attention to detail when it comes to 3D modelling is jaw dropping! Like the rest of the team he is very competitive even though he  is a "Hanzo main"! ;)

Darry left EA to join Touchhour!

Marcos Weiss

Concept Artist

Marcos was the first to join the project. He did all the fantastic concept art during preproduction. He is an extremely gifted Artist and currently works in the movie industry doing concept art for movies like Deadpool 2 and Mute.


Jennifer Chamberlain

Environment Artist

Jennifer has a keen eye for storytelling through her magical environments.  She turns imagination into reality! She is a massive Lord of the Rings fan. 

Seanachi Clappison Dillon


Seanachi is the master of code at the Touchhour family. He is an avid gamer and loves chocolate and liquorice.  

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