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Alpha Phase 1

April 12, 2023

  • Fishing (6 Leaderboards, different fish, surprise catches)

  • Ooogy works while online and offline and levels up (mining, lumber jackingbeach combing, crafting)

  • Treasure Hunting

  • Ring Shrine

  • Skill Shrine

  • Atlantean Machine

  • Dress up Statues

  • Forge

  • Atlantean Skull Achievement board for cosmetic unlock via progression from treasure hunts. 

  • Reading wallet for ingame use of Ooogies, Blueprints and Mounts

  • Fishing NFT prizes after 3 months for the best Fisherman. 

Alpha Phase 2

November 2023

  • Everything from Phase 1

  • Combat and 3 PvP Arenas

  • Complex Permadeath Loop (Mortals, Spirits, Immortals, Black Phantoms)

  • Character Level up system

  • Persistent Progression

  • Arena in game loot

  • Personal Statues in Training Arena

  • Combat Achievement Board with cosmetic unlocks

  • Leaderboards for Mortals, Immortals and Black Phantoms

  • Seasonal play and rewards

  • Reading wallet for Player Bloodline for in game use


December 27, 2023

  • Everything from Alpha

  • 5 Arenas

  • Persistent Account Progression

  • Balanced combat

  • Polished progression balancing for all interactive stations

  • 9 Player Factions

  • Ooogy building ability (Shrine and Fishing Pier) 

  • Top 3 player statues on beach after a season, best player statue sits on throne in ranked Arena 

  • NFT loot included for ranked Arena matches, Fishing and Epic Treasure Hunts 

  • NFT Weapon and Armor skin crafting (goes live during Beta) 

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