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You have total freedom to build your hero your way. There are no fixed classes.


In 9LA, developing your character doesn't take months. It only takes a few hours and over time the process of making a new hero is sped up significantly thanks to the underlying persistent progression. 


You have five different character slots to build and experiment with your ultimate heroes.

9Lives Arena Character Selection screen

Choose your weapon art, your passive and active skills/spells.  


Come up with your own item strategy to complement your build and find the ultimate character template to dominate everyone else.


9Lives Arena Stoneskin Spell
9Lives Arena Reactive Spell
9Lives Arena Mana Leech Spell
9Lives Arena Poison Spell
9Lives Arena Heal Spell
9Lives Arena Cleanse Spell
9Lives Arena Earthquake Spell
9Lives Arena Lightning Spell
9Lives Arena Reflect Spell
9Lives Arena Vanish Spell
9Lives Arena Life Leech Spell
9Lives Arena Hot Spell
9Lives Arena Frost Ball Spell
9Lives Arena Frog Spell
9Lives Arena Bandage Spell
9Lives Arena Blink Spell
9Lives Arena Charge Spell
9Lives Arena Explosion Spell
9Lives Arena Curse Spell
9Lives Arena Lightning Bolt Spell
9Lives Arena Strangle Spell
9Lives Arena Shadowstep Spell
9Lives Arena Freeze Spell
9Lives Arena Fireball Spell

Choose your favourite five out of over 20 current spells and abilities. 


Spells and abilities are levelled up by using talent points all gained by fighting in the training arena.


9Lives Arena Bleed Weapon Art
9Lives Arena Kick Weapon Art
9Lives Arena Slash Weapon Art
9Lives Arena Punch Weapon Art
9Lives Arena Stab Weapon Art
9Lives Arena shield bash Weapon art
9Lives Arena Backstab Weapon Art

Pick and choose between different weapon arts like a 2 handed sword or sword and shield or two handed magic staff, etc.


9Lives Arena Spirit Animals
9Lives Arena Spirit Animals

Your spirit animal is chosen during character creation

BAT +10 percent life leech

OWL +5 meter spell range

TIGER +5 percent melee crit chance

BULL +15 percent run speed 

MONKEY +5 percent magic crit chance

EAGLE +5 meter stealth detection

9Lives Arena switching characters in the game

Changing to play another one of your heroes is easy, just step on the platform.


You never need to log out of the game. The same goes for any in game activity such as interacting with the spell book, crafting in the smithy, the forge and even battling, you only need to step on any one of the in game activation platforms within the world.




Your account inventory is persistent and shared accross all your character slots.


Everything in your bank box is persistent.

9Lives Arena Bank Armory

Gather talent points from fights in the training arena and spend them on your chosen spells and abilities.

Make sure to use them wisely.

9Lives Arena Spell Book


If you dislike resource gathering and crafting, we have good news! 9Lives Arena created Ooogies to help you with all the grind work. You can always do resource gathering yourself but why when you've got an Ooogy? 


Tell Ooogy what you want him to do and he will happily work for you. Make sure you feed him other wise he won't work. Ooogies love fish stew - go catch some fish to keep him happy.


Your Ooogy works for you while you are online and offline as long as you provide him with enough fish for energy. Think of him as a tamagotchi on steroids that does way more than just poop.


A mobile app to stay in touch with your Ooogy while away from the game is currently under development.

9Lives Arena Barbarian carrying Ooogy

Your Ooogy levels up constantly and will get more effective at resource gathering and crafting. 

The Smithy is where you can choose which items you want Ooogy to craft. 

9Lives Arena Smity in game
Ooogy with 9LA chain
9Lives Arena Forge in game




Heroes don't lose lives during training and friendly duels. To compete on the leader boards you need to fight in the 9Lives Arena where every victory counts and losing means the loss of a life! When you eventually run out of lives your character dies and turns into a statue that displays all his achievements and can be placed in your training arena. 

9Lives Arena Ancient Atlantean wearing Rare Collection Skull Mask and Necromancer pants
9Lives Arena Barbarian Base Oufit Pose
HighresScreenshot00021 (3).png


When one of your characters dies, you are left with a spirit in his slot. This spirit is a spirit hunter and can fight to gain back nine lives. Spirits start with zero lives and if they lose a fight they die permanently. If your spirit manages to gain 9 lives back, they will resurrect, just not into their initial character that died. Your character will become an Immortal. Immortals compete on their own leader board because they are very special. Immortals still lose a life when they lose a fight but they gain a life when they win a fight which makes them very hard to kill! They cap at a maximum of nine lives. 

9Lives Arena Immortal



Own your opponents in epic 1v1 fights, climb the leader boards and become a Legend of the Arenas!

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