1. What are Blueprints?

Blueprints are crafting recipes that allow players to craft unlimited amounts of items based on that blueprint.

2. Can blueprints give an unfair advantage?

No, because blueprints are neutral by design just like skins in games like League of Legends or Fortnite.


3. Why are blueprints so valuable?

Selling skins in video games is a 30 Billion $ industry. 9LA is the first game ever that lets players in on the monetisation of skins.

Owning a rare blueprint allows the player to become a retailer for that specific looking armor piece or weapon and sell items based on that blueprint to our player base.


4. How does the crafting work?

Your Ooogy will be able to craft items based on your blueprint. Each blueprint needs a bunch of resources like iron, leather, bone, gold or a combination of a few resources.


Based on your Ooogy’s level and crafting skills, he has different chances to make different levels of quality gear. The items he forges based on a blueprint can come out in grey, green, blue or purple quality (purple being the highest)

Grey: stat budget of 1

Green: stat budget of 2

Blue: stat budget of 3

Purple: stat budget of 4


However, which actual stats roll onto the item is random! This means each purple will vary.  Some people will be after different stats so the value is in the eye of the beholder as players favor different stats on their characters. Stats include, intelligence, strength, magic crit chance, melee crit chance, harvest hitpoints, run speed etc.


5. How do I know if I have a blueprint?

The scroll on the bottom right hand corner indicates you own a blueprint.


6. Where can I see the rarity of the blueprint?

The skull in the center of the bottom defines the rarity level.

Crystal (highest), Gold, Silver, Copper.

7. What does the blue star on the blueprint mean?

The blue star indicates the item crafted from the blueprint will be more focused on magic.


8. What does the red fist in the blueprint mean?

The red fist indicates the item crafted from the blueprint will be more focused on melee.


9. Why are some blueprints more expensive than others?

Price is related to rarity. Some blueprints will only belong to 49 people in the world and will NEVER be sold again (by us)! This is as rare as it gets! As a blueprint holder you have the opportunity to craft as many items of that blueprint as you want which means you can use them on your heroes, give them to friends or sell them to other players. All our blueprints are on the blockchain so you can also sell the actual blueprint to someone else in the future.