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Q: What kind of game is 9Lives Arena? 

A: 9Lives Arena is a competitive online RPG with a focus on 1v1 PvP, featuring permadeath, persistent progression, resource gathering, item crafting and introduces the world's first cross platform companion, Ooogy, that works 24/7 for you as long as he is well fed. 9LA delivers a unique and thrilling gaming experience unlike anything on the market.



Q: What is an Ooogy?

A: Ooogies are very special in many ways. They are the world's first cross platform companions and sit at the heart of Touchhour’s cross platform experience combining 9Lives Arena on PC and consoles with the My Ooogy App on mobile (iOS and Android) that is currently in development. Think of an Ooogy as a tamagotchi on steroids. They work for you even while you are offline.

Hate grinding? Don’t worry, 9Lives Arena is the first game featuring a unique companion named ‘Ooogy’, your personal little helper that mines, gathers resources and crafts for you whether you are online or offline. Interacting with Ooogy happens not only by playing 9LA on PC or console but also by reaching out to him wherever you are in real life through the My Ooogy App on mobile. Command your companion by using your mobile phone (My Ooogy App) to prepare you for the next match when you are back in front of your PC.

What is 9LA?

Ooogies can be levelled up and blockchain Ooogies can also be traded. There is a massive gene pool with over 3 Trillion different looking Ooogies that consist of a pool of common genes as well as up to 12 royal genes. Unlike your typical blockchain collectibles, Ooogies actually work for their money and they work for you whether you are online or offline, just make sure they have enough food (fish) to get them going...

Outside of 9Lives Arena, the “My Ooogy” mobile app will function as a standalone gaming experience focused entirely on nurturing your Ooogy.


In “Companion Mode,” the app can be linked to your 9Lives Arena in-game Ooogy, allowing you to keep in touch with Ooogy, assign him tasks, and monitor his progress when you’re away from the game.

Q: How many Ooogies can you have in your world?

A: At present, you can currently have one Ooogy active at any given time to not give an unfair advantage to those who have purchased more Ooogies. If you have purchased more than one Ooogy, you can switch between Ooogies to level them up and in the future we will look at adding fun activities for additional Ooogies to hang out on the beach.


Q: How does Permadeath work and what is the persistent  progression?

A: You can fight as often as you like in the Training Arena to level up, win resources and Blueprints and practice your strategies and reflexes. Get used to timing and switch out spells and abilities until you find your personal playstyle. You do not lose lives in the training arena.

When you are ready to bring your skills to the test and fight for a spot on the leaderboards you start fighting in the Inferno Arena where victories count and where a loss means the loss of a life!

When a character finally dies forever, he will turn into a statue.  The top 3 of your player statues will permanently be on display in your Training Arena for other players to see.

While all items that your hero had equipped are gone with him, anything stored in your bank box is persistent across your account. All blueprints you won are persistent too, so are all spells and abilities that you have previously unlocked. The new hero you start will already have a full bank to pick and choose items from.

The biggest game changer to balance the permadeath though is your Ooogy. His progression is of course persistent too and he works for you even while you are offline. You do not have to do any grinding…that's all done by your Ooogy up to 24/7 if you keep him well fed. 



Q: How does combat work?

A: Combat is skill based and performed in real time. How you fight highly depends on how you have initially built your character (spell, abilities, item strategy on top) and how you have levelled them up. Your focus might be on mobility, survivability, range combat, stealth...etc. You can create any type of character for example: Mage, Rogue or DPS build. How you build your character is up to you and that’s what will make your fighting different.  


Q: Is 9LA pay to win and how do purchasable Blueprints fit in?

A: Absolutely not, as competitive gamers ourselves we hate nothing more than pay to win. 

All Blueprints sold are nothing but limited edition (rare) looking armour and weapon recipes. They don't offer any advantage in terms of power! They just look really cool! The starter blueprints that come with an account can create the same item stats as items based on store blueprints. There is NO difference between the blueprints besides the looks and their scarcity. 


When an item based on a Blueprint gets crafted by your Ooogy it can come out as a grey, green, blue or purple quality item.The better the quality, the bigger the items stat budget. Stat rolls onto the items are random, that way even 2 purple items will rarely be identical. Pick and choose your own item strategy. 

The higher the level of your Ooogy the better his chance to craft higher quality gear. Ooogies level up when they are active so make sure your Ooogy gets enough fish to work for you even while you are offline and away from the game.


Q: When is 9Lives Arena coming out?

A: 9Lives Arena is an online game currently feature complete and free to play in beta on the Epic Store. As an online game it will keep getting updates and evolve post release.  

Play 9LA

Q: Where can I purchase the game?

A: The game is free to play on the Epic Store.


Q: When did the development for 9Lives Arena start?

A: 9Lives Arena started as an idea in early 2015. Touchhour was founded and received initial funding in early 2016. Development of 9Lives Arena started in December, 2016.


Q: What platforms can I play 9LA on?

A: Currently, the game is for PC only and accessible on the Epic Games Store; however, we have plans to port it to consoles in the future.


Q: Do I need Epic to play it?

A: Yes you need to have an Epic Account which is free to create.

Q: How do I enter the alpha?

A: You can purchase alpha access via our store online. Here's a direct link: STORE

Q: How long will the game be in beta?

A: As long as necessary. We know we have a great game in the making and our closed alpha has proved it to us. We will make sure we take the time to get it all right and polish the experience and create a stable backend. Beta was launched December 27, 2023.


Q: Can I stream publicly when playing the Beta?

A: Yes, we don't believe in hiding our progress and development. Of course there will be bugs and issues during the Beta but we aim to solve these during the alpha period. If you want to share a stream we would be happy if you made it clear the game is in an alpha state.


Q: How many characters can I create per account?

A: You can create a maximum of 5 character slots. The Free to Play Beta comes with one and you can purchase 4 more slots. All Founder Packs and those who purchased closed or Open Alpha have premium accounts which have a total of five character slots. When a character in a slot dies you can create a new character in that slot as often as you like. You can switch your characters by stepping in front of another characters chair inside your hub.


Q: How many other players will be in 9LA and how many servers?

A: We have global servers and as the player base grows more servers are automatically added to ensure low latency across all regions.


Q: Will there be in-game voice chat?

A: At this point in time we have not planned to make a native in game voice chat system. 

Q: Is there a global chat?

A: It is currently removed, however it will be reintroduced in the future.  


Q: What languages will 9LA support?

A: Other than English, we aim to translate the game to Spanish, French, German, Russian, Korean, Simplified Chinese and Japanese during Beta. We may be supporting more languages over time.


Q: What are the hardware specs to run it?

A: We are currently in Beta and not everything is optimized. The game runs above 60 fps with everything on epic if you have a GTX 1060 GPU or better. Anything less powerful means you may not reach a stable 60 fps and with low end devices, you might only be able to play with Ooogy and go fishing but for competitive fighting you may not enjoy it if you are under 30 fps. If you own a decent gaming PC over the last couple of years you should be fine to play. The specs are subject to change and we will post further information as we become aware of it.

Q: What is a spirit hunter? 

A: When one of your characters dies, you are left with a spirit in his slot. This spirit is a spirit hunter and can fight to gain back nine lives. Spirits start with zero lives and if they lose a fight they die permanently. If your spirit manages to gain 9 lives back, they will resurrect, just not into their initial character that died. Your character will become an Immortal. Immortals compete on their own leader board because they are very special. Immortals still lose a life when they lose a fight but they gain a life when they win a fight which makes them very hard to kill! They cap at a maximum of nine lives. 



Q: Can I use the product without interacting or engaging with blockchain, NFT, or cryptocurrency?

A: Yes you can as NFTs are just the icing on the cake and entirely optional to engage with.

Q: How and why are you using blockchain in 9Lives Arena and what are the advantages?

A: 9LA is a competitive online RPG that can be played entirely without anything blockchain related.

We do however offer very rare, limited edition item blueprints in our store that are NFT's. Buying these blueprints is entirely optional and doesn't give any competitive edge over the ones that come with the game other than different looks.


Imagine that you have played 9Lives Arena for three years and you decide to move on to play other games. Three years ago you bought two blueprints, one limited to 49 in the world and one limited to 300 in the world. Even though they have been sold out for over two years, you can now decide to sell them and make some of the money back that you spent on them three years ago and possibly even make a profit with them. This is huge for players! So far, without blockchain, if you bought skins in any game you could never sell them later. Not only are they usually not limited edition but they are also not freely tradable outside their games. And the game accounts are also not legally tradable. 


Blockchain based items guarantee true item ownership and thus the ability for players to trade their blueprints at will. Blockchain technology allows allows 100% transparent item scarcity and secure item trading.


The random Ooogies we sell are also blockchain based and optional purchases as the game comes with a standard Ooogy that is not on the blockchain and can level up just as well as any blockchain based Ooogy. Random blockchain based Ooogies have random generated looks. There are over 3 trillion possible look combinations for an Ooogy. Blockchain based Ooogies can be traded between players for their unique looks and players can level them up.


The game and how it plays is the most important thing to us. We are passionate about gaming and we want you to have fun in all the games we make. Integrating blockchain technology is only an added bonus to our players. You don't have to use blockchain based items at all but if you care for different looks of your character or for your Ooogy you can purchase vanity items. What’s great about these blockchain based vanity items is that you have true item ownership over them and are allowed to trade them securely thanks to blockchain based smart contracts.


We truly believe ingame items and blockchain technology is a match made in heaven and the future for video game item sales as they provide games with true item ownership.

Q: How is blockchain, NFT, or cryptocurrency used in this product?

A: 1. We do not use a crypto tokens in the game

   2. NFTs are entirely optional and add no competitive advantage in PvP

   3. NFTs add limited edition items that vary from skins to crafting recipes(blueprints)        or rare looking Ooogies or Ooogy cloth and accessories or cool looking bloodlines.

Q: What utility does blockchain bring to the product?

A: Each NFT has a different utility.

Ooogy NFTs: They are all unique looking with over 3 trillion possible unique looks. These can level up and as an NFT be traded. Ooogies work for the player even when he is offline and gather resources or execute other tasks for the player.


Blueprint NFTs: These are crafting recipes that will allow players to craft NFT based armor or weapon skins


Lucky Charm NFTs: These are necklages for Ooogies and give your Ooogy an NFT drop chance when he goes treasure hunting for you on Epic treasure maps


NFT Hunter Avatar NFTs: These give you and NFT drop chance in ranked arenas


Mount NFTs: There are 9999 unique looking Mounts that are random generated they allow you to get around the game faster.


Bloodline NFTs: Unique looking humanoid characters to play as.


Consumable NFTs: good example is an Ooogy level up potion. These can drop as loot be tradet or used to give your Ooogy a level up.

Q: Does this product require me to connect an external wallet? What wallets does this product support?

A: No you do not need a wallet at all. You can play 9Lives Arena without a wallet because NFTs are optional. If you do want to use NFTs, we recommend you use Metamask.

Q: How do I connect my Enjin or Metamask wallet to the game?

A: Press ESC to go to the options menu then click on ACCOUNT and select LINK WALLET and ta-da all your 9LA NFT's will be connected to the game.


Q: How do I see or change my blockchain Ooogies in the game?

A: First you need to connect your Enjin or Metamask wallet (see step above). Next go to the beach in the game and stand on the Ooogy activation platform next to his bed. Here is where you will see all your Ooogies and Ooogy items. Click on the arrows (left and right) underneath the Ooogy screen to go through your Ooogies and select the ones you want to level up and play with.

Q: What chain does this product use? Is the chain proof-of-work or proof-of-stake?

A: Old NFTs continue to work on Enjin and all items as of December 2023 are on Homeverse, an Oasys Layer 2 chain which is proof of stake.

Q: Does this product have a marketplace? What can I do with the things that I earn (or purchase)?

A: Yes 9Lives Arena has a marketplace available. You can trade NFTs there - buy or sell.



Q. What are Blueprints?

A.  Blueprints are crafting recipes that allow players to craft unlimited amounts of items based on that blueprint.

Q. Can blueprints give an unfair advantage?

A.  No, because blueprints are neutral by design just like skins in games like League of Legends or Fortnite.


Q. Why are blueprints so valuable?

A.  Selling skins in video games is a 30 Billion $ industry. 9LA is the first game ever that lets players in on the monetisation of skins.

Owning a rare blueprint allows the player to become a retailer for that specific looking armor piece or weapon and sell items based on that blueprint to our player base.


Q. How does the crafting work?

A.  Your Ooogy will be able to craft items based on your blueprint. Each blueprint needs a bunch of resources like iron, leather, bone, gold or a combination of a few resources.


Based on your Ooogy’s level and crafting skills, he has different chances to make different levels of quality gear. The items he forges based on a blueprint can come out in grey, green, blue or purple quality (purple being the highest)

Grey: stat budget of 1

Green: stat budget of 2

Blue: stat budget of 3

Purple: stat budget of 4


However, which actual stats roll onto the item is random! This means each purple will vary.  Some people will be after different stats so the value is in the eye of the beholder as players favor different stats on their characters. Stats include, intelligence, strength, magic crit chance, melee crit chance, harvest hitpoints, run speed etc.


Q. How do I know if I have a blueprint?

A.  The scroll on the bottom right hand corner indicates you own a blueprint.


Q. Where can I see the rarity of the blueprint?

A.  The skull in the center of the bottom defines the rarity level.

Crystal (highest), Gold, Silver, Copper.

Q. What does the blue star on the blueprint mean?

A.  The blue star indicates the item crafted from the blueprint will be more focused on magic.


Q. What does the red fist in the blueprint mean?

A.  The red fist indicates the item crafted from the blueprint will be more focused on melee.


Q. Why are some blueprints more expensive than others?

A.  Price is related to rarity. Some blueprints will only belong to 9 people in the world and will NEVER be sold again (by us)! This is as rare as it gets! As a blueprint holder you have the opportunity to craft as many items of that blueprint as you want which means you can use them on your heroes, give them to friends or sell them to other players. All our blueprints are on the blockchain so you can also sell the actual blueprint to someone else in the future.

Q: Where can I purchase the game?

A: You can buy the game from our website. We use a professional third party payment provider and wont hold any sensitive information about our customers. Beta launch will be purchasable through the Epic store.


Q: When did the development for 9Lives Arena start?

A: 9Lives Arena started as an idea in early 2015. Touchhour was founded and received initial funding in early 2016. Development of 9Lives Arena started in December, 2016.


Q: What platforms can I play 9LA on?

A: Currently, the game is for PC only; however, we have plans to port it to consoles in the future.


Q: Do I need Epic to play it?

A: When you purchase Alpha access, you will receive an email with your unique EPIC Store Key. Enter the key into your Epic Store account and redeem the code. If you do not have an Epic Account you will need to create one.



Q: What are Mounts? 

A: Mounts provide thrilling adventures and allow you to ride in style while exploring 9Lives Arena. With a limited supply of 9999, each mount is randomly rolled, guaranteeing a one-of-a-kind appearance. Not only do they vary in looks, but they also possess different stats, including stamina (yellow hearts) and speed (blue lightning bolt). Depending on their stats, these mounts can enable you to traverse the realm faster and for longer durations. The randomly generated stat points determine their performance. Uncover the rarity of your mount by its background color, with green representing

uncommon, blue as rare, purple denoting epic, and orange signifying legendary.

The first picture below is the NFT you receive before it's randomly rolled. The other pictures are some examples of personal mounts.




Q: What are Ooogy Lucky Charms?

A:  Ooogy Lucky Charms elevate your chances of obtaining exclusive NFT drops. Limited to a total supply of 9999, these charming accessories, worn by Ooogy, bestow a bonus to the NFT drop chance during exhilarating treasure hunts of Epic Maps. Discover maps through fishing and treasure hunts to embark on rewarding adventures. The color of each charm indicates its potency and is randomly rolled. The higher the NFT drop chance for Epic Treasure Hunts, the rarer the lucky charm becomes. Prepare yourself for the extraordinary as you explore these enchanting charms in shades of green (uncommon- which provide 6% NFT drop chance), blue (rare — which provide 7% NFT drop chance), purple (epic — which provide 8% NFT drop chance), and orange (legendary — which provide 9% NFT drop chance).




Mount_gold (1).png
LuckyCharm_Blue (1).jpg
Ooogy Lucky Charms


Q: Can 9Lives Arena be used without making any in-app purchases?

A: Yes, and  you have no disadvantages, what we sell is neutral to arenas. The Beta release of the game on Epic is free to play.

Q: What in-app or in-game purchases are offered in 9Lives Arena on the Epic store?

A: There are various in-app purchases you can make on Epic.

Coin packs: You can purchase various ingame coin packs that enable you to purchase ingame items.

Character slots: The free to play base game comes with 1 character slot only. Purchasing additional character slots enables you to switch back and forth between different characters where you experiment with different build strategies. Each additional character slot also comes with an additional 36 bank slots for your persistent inventory on your account.


Bloodlines: These are humanoid character appearances that you can choose to play the game with - basically a character skin.


Ooogy gear: These are hats or outfits your Ooogy can be dressed up with or accessories 


Bank slots: if you feel your inventory is too small you can purchase additional inventory slots.


Fish packs: If you ever get lazy feeding your Ooogy and want an option other than to do a bit of fishing you can purchase varius fish packs.

Q: Are in-app purchases refundable?

A: No

Q: What payment platform is used to facilitate the in-app purchases on Epic? 

A: We use in-game coins that are sold via Epic Store offerings similar to Fortnite.

EPIC In-App purchases
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