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Mounts provide thrilling adventures and allow you to ride in style while exploring 9Lives Arena. With a limited supply of 9999, each mount is randomly rolled, guaranteeing a one-of-a-kind appearance. Not only do they vary in looks, but they also possess different stats, including stamina (yellow hearts) and speed (blue lightning bolt). Depending on their stats, these mounts can enable you to traverse the realm faster and for longer durations. The randomly generated stat points determine their performance. Uncover the rarity of your mount by its background color, with green representing uncommon, blue as rare, purple denoting epic, and orange signifying legendary.


*Mount Vouchers are NFTS on HomeVerse L2 which is part of the Oasys Chain. HomeVerse is an EVM compatible gas free gaming chain.


**In order to receive your purchased Mount NFT you must provide your metamask wallet upon checkout.


***To pay with Crypto select OFFLINE payment and contact us via Telegram. We accept OAS and various other crypto currencies. 

Mounts Limited to 9999

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