This offer includes: 

- A digital copy of the game at release (premium edition) 

- 5 random Ooogies

- Closed Alpha access

- Evil Lord Mask blueprint (minted out of 249 Enjin) max supply 99

- Evil Lord Title Deed (minted out of 1 Enjin) max supply 99

- Multiverse item: Epochrome Sword (minted with 15 ENJ), Stormwall (minted with 25 ENJ), Mike (minted with 15ENJ), Forge Hammer

- Comes witha 9LA MFT (multiverse founders token)

- 9LA Founder's League Token (gives access to the Founders league leaderboard and chat)


Note: Comes with 6 free Crystal Skulls until we run out of them...

Founder Pack 5 Evil Lord - Closed Alpha Access Limited to 99

SKU: Evil Lord

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