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How it all began in 2015...the birth of the idea for 9Lives Arena!

Updated: May 17, 2020

In 2015, I played with the idea of starting a youtube channel with a focus on fantasy pvp videos because as a gamer, I am extremely competitive and very passionate about pvp. I have always enjoyed open world pvp in MMORPGS and I especially really love the 1on1 encounters. Besides open world small scale pvp, I also enjoy 1on1 duelling in these games.

However, in recent years, MMORPGS offered less and less exciting PvP experiences. As I truly enjoy 1on1 dueling, I got hooked on the

Souls series. In fact, I only bought Playstation 3 to play Demon Souls because I considered this game to include an innovative PvP aspect.

I enjoy my fair share of MOBAs, but within them, I really love the 1on1 encounters. One thing that really bothers me about MOBAs is loosing due to weaker team mates.

As I started thinking about what kind of YouTube channel I would create, I realized that the games I really enjoy playing to get my 1on1 fix are all focused on something other than 1on1 PvP.

The Demon Souls games have fun 1on1 duelling just like many MMORPGs have had in the past but their main focus is PvE.

There simply was no game with a clear focus on 1on1 online fantasy PvP that really maximized the player's experience around that. I began to see there was a lot of untapped potential.

1on1 fantasy PvP that actually mattered...meaningful Risk vs Reward. Now this was a niche I was truly passionate about! Proper progression and freedom in character creation made me excited and I saw a clear vision on how a game should be which tailors to the competitive audience that is tired of only playing in teams, sick of games that focus on zerging... sick of meaningless pvp that is banned into instances away from the main game worlds, degraded into pointless minigames.

It's time for some REAL 1on1 PvP LOVE! PvP where you are not only as good as the weakest link in your team.

1on1 baby: mano a mano... you vs me: bring it!

Considering I had extensive game development experience with 25 years in the industry at that point in time the initial idea of making a youtube channel as a hobby instantly flipped over towards turning this Vision into reality!

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