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We are in the process of finalizing the 9LA theme song which will include a community made warrior chorus/chant! This will be EPIC and therefore we would like you to record yourselves saying the words 'KA-TEH' and 'VOR-EH-AH'. Please listen to the track provided below for pronunciation. 







This will take seconds and only minimum equipment is needed. Your phone is enough.

Listen to the track. It will say 'Example', followed by 3 'Kateh'. Then it will say 'Your turn' which is your time to shine and record the word 'Kateh' 3 times. Then it will say 'Example', followed by 3 'Voreah'. When it says 'Your turn', record the word 'Voreah' 3 times. And you're done in less than 30 seconds.

If you have access to an audio recording software you can use that. If not, you can still participate!

Use headphones so the backing track is only audible to you and doesn't leak into the recording. If you don't have an audio recording software that allows simultaneous playback and recording, use one device (e.g. your computer) to playback the backing track using headphones and your phone to record your voice.


There is no right or wrong. Whether you mumble, whisper or shout we can still use that! And if you find the whole recording process complicated with the playback, simply record your version on your phone and send it to us. We will do the rest.


Once you're ready email your MP3 to: by Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Looking forward to hearing your submissions!

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