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Where permadeath meets persistent progression and
the world's first cross platform companion - Ooogy.
9LA Freedom of character creation
In 9LA there are no fixed classes. You have complete freedom to create the hero of your dreams. 
Pick and choose your: 
    ✰ Blood Line
    ✰ Spells/Abilities

    ✰ Weapon art and
    ✰ Passive skill via a spirit animal
9LA train by fighting in the arena
Developing your character doesn't take months. It takes just a few hours, and over time the process of making a new hero is sped up significantly, thanks to the underlying persistent progression. Level up by fighting in the training arena where you can't lose any lives. Gain talent points and valuable loot after each fight. Use the talent points to further customize your spells and abilities. 
9LA gather resources to craft quality gear
Crafted items come in four different qualities. The higher the quality of an item, the bigger the stat budget on the item, which stats roll on an item while crafting is completely random. Based on the spell and abilities you have chosen, different item stats such as physical or magic critical chance will benefit your play style. 
Compete in 9Lives Arena
Once your hero reaches Level 30 and you have equipped him with the best skills, abilities and gear - then its time to enter the Inferno arena where you fight with your 9 lives. 

How many victories will your hero achieve with 9 lives?
9Lives Arena Gladiator
9Lives Arena Viking


Han Solo

9Lives Arena Ooogy
Ooogy is the world's first cross platform companion and you will be able to reach him via the My Oooogy app on mobile (in development) while you are away from 9Lives Arena. Check in on him via the app and have him switch tasks on the go. As your partner in crime, Ooogy does all the resource gathering and item crafting for you even while you are offline and away from the game.  Just make sure he has enough fish. 
Happy Ooogy
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